Project Description

Fry Fresh Edible Oils only purchases cooking oil from the largest crushing plants within the uk and also imports from European plants.

These plants all have BRC accreditation. This is a global quality system. All of our competition purchase from these plants as we do.

In a nut shell the only difference is the tin and packaging.

We have a internal system which is ISO 9001 and we get externally audited every 3 months to ensure we meet and often exceed the QMS inspectors.

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We have also just been awarded 5 star rating for house keeping and cleanliness by Wrexham food protection department. And passed a recent visit by Wrexham Trading standards officers.

All of the above ensure you can be confident on our supply chain and process as a organisation.

Which in turn flows with our mission statement.

Quality ( within products and people our team ).
Cost ( Products to end user ).
Delivery ( ensuring on time delivery when the customer needs our goods).

Posted on : September 29, 2017