Project Description

carbon trust and greener group partner certificate

In conjunction with The Green Group and The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund, Fry Fresh Edible Oils are working towards the installation of a new 30Kw Solar PV System at our waste oil recovery unit based in North Wales. The new system will generate enough power to significantly reduce our own carbon foot print, whilst also feeding energy back into the grid.

What is a PV (Photovoltaic) System?

Generally known as a solar power system is is designed to supply usable energy from the sun by the use of 2 primary components, solar panels to absorb sunlight and convert the light into electricity and a solar inverter to convert DC current to usable AC. These systems can range from small single panel systems to larger systems with over 100 panels to fuel an entire factory.

Why does a waste oil recovery firm require a Solar PV System?

It is our aim to become a 0% waste to landfill supplier, it is in our business nature to recycle waste and provide something back.

Posted on : June 23, 2017