Cooking oils with an improved carbon footprint

Your cooking oils are delivered by our dedicated team of locally employed drivers but we take our carbon footprint seriously. We’re constantly searching for solutions to make our delivery of your cooking oils more environmentally friendly. Whilst cleaner transporting methods are not perfect just yet – it’s an approach we’re striving to improve!


Helping businesses to be responsible with waste management

Businesses have a responsibility to ensure they recycle a percentage of what they sell. It’s a Fry Fresh mission to help business owners understand the importance of taking care of their waste responsibly. Not only from an environmental point of view but a cost effective one too. We enable you to reduce your landfill taxes and adhere to UK recycling laws by collecting and disposing used cooking oils. We’ll even take care of your waste packaging.

Waste Management

Waste management policy – recycle and re-purpose

It’s estimated that 177 million tonnes of general waste is sent to landfills each year in the UK, producing toxic greenhouse gases! The Fry Fresh waste management policy is simple – recycle and re-purpose. In fact, there’s nothing in our business that doesnt get put to good use. All of our packaging is recycled, used oils are converted in to greener technologies.

Our Committed Partners

We’d like to thank our committed partners for helping us to continue the work we do and helping to get us towards our goal of a 0% waste to landfill supplier.

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For each unit of cooking oil we sell, we make a donation to Hope House.

Over 12 months we have donated £7674.40 to those who need it most.