Premium Quality Cooking Oils

We endeavour to supply our clients with the highest quality cooking oils available from the British market place. We are committed to not only the development of our products, but the sustainability of their source and control over waste handling.

Rapeseed Oil

fry fresh rapeseed oil carboard container

65% of the cooking oil which we sell is Rapeseed Oil. Nutty, light and non greasy is how we’d describe this popular cooking oil. Recommend for those on alternative diets, ideal for hot temperatures and it comes with a range of health benefits.

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Vegetable Oil

fry fresh vegetable oil carboard container

A classic cooking oil, and our second biggest seller. Equipped with Omega 3 and 6, vegetable cooking oil is known to contribute to a healthy way of living.

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Resource Management

Along with our oil collection and delivery service, we also take care of oil recycling,plastic recycling, wood recycling and carboard recycling. Read more about these services below.

pouring cooking oil
Oil Recycling

Taking care of your used cooking oils

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recycling plastic
Plastic Recycling

Reducing impact by recycling plastic

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recycling cardboard
Cardboard Recycling

Less waste with cardboard recycling

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Committed to the Essential Process of a Greener Future

A comprehensive approach to product delivery, collection and waste management. Together we are dedicated in seeing the value of waste and converting it into productive solutions for your business and the environment

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Whilst we meet the individual needs of our clients, we realise that we as a company have a duty of care to the industry itself.

With this in mind we set standards that are above and beyond that of not only other suppliers on the market, but the governing bodies and regulatory authorities. In order to meet these standards we take on the entire process of supply, collection and waste management of our products.

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Our Committed Partners

We’d like to thank our committed partners for helping us to continue the work we do and helping to get us towards our goal of a 0% waste to landfill supplier.

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