About Us

For the last 10 years we have aligned our company ethos with the ideals of a fully comprehensive service.

Whilst we meet the individual needs of our clients, we realise that we as a company have a duty of care to the industry itself. With this in mind we set standards that are above and beyond that of not only other suppliers on the market, but the governing bodies and regulatory authorities. In order to meet these standards we take on the entire process of supply, collection and waste management of our products.

Through a tried and tested management process, we can ensure that we retain high levels of productivity for both us and the client. This means we can ensure that you get the right products from ethical suppliers and by working together we can ensure your waste products are invested back into the industry.

Quality Assurance

The Renewable Energy Directive (RED)

ISO 9001 Quality Management

Food Standards Agency – Food hygiene rating.

Our Team

Nick Williams
Managing Director

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Nicks background in large scale multi site management across the country has given him a unique outlook on the market and a wide range of experience in the industry.

Dawn Williams
Financial Director

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As the name suggest, Nick and Dawn are a team outside the office and as such work as an integral part of keeping the business together.

Ben McBroom
Sales Director

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At some point your account begins with Ben. His experience in Sales and Account Management will ensure his other team members provide you with the best possible customer service.

Jason Hopley
Operations Manager

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From the moment your orders are placed, Jason will ensure the order is fulfilled. His skills in organisation and planning make him the perfect person to move your order through to completion.

Natasha Burrows
Account Manager

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Not only has Natasha brought the biggest smile into the office, her experience with customer services and account management ensure our clients stay just as happy with our services.

Marie Jones
Accounts Assitant

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Joining the team in April Marie comes from an extensive background of customer services and account management. Her attention to detail makes errors an impossibility.

Pete Millman
Logistics Operative

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Pete knows the country well and will always work to make sure your orders are fulfilled on time. Hi experience in logistics make him an integral part of the delivery and collection process.

Leigh Bly
Logistics Operative

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Like his other team members, Lee has a vast knowledge of the counties roads and is renound for his time keeping. Another part of our reliable team of drivers.

Terry Jones

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Terry has years of experience behind him and his dedication to punctuality keeps our deliveries on schedule.

Jason Harrsion

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Our desire for quality and reliability shows as Jason joins out logistics team. Jasons experience and attention to detail compliment the rest of the team.