It is the aim of Fry Fresh to become a 0% landfill to waste supplier

It’s estimated that 177 million tonnes of general waste is sent to landfills each year in the UK, producing toxic greenhouse gasses! The Fry Fresh waste management policy is simple – recycle and repurpose. In fact, there’s nothing in our business that doesnt get put to good use. All of our packaging is recycled, used oils and waste food are converted into greener technologies.

In the business of saving you money

Your business has a ‘duty of care’ which includes ensuring you find the appropriate vendor for oil recycling. It’s therefore our ‘duty of care’ to take your used oil and deliver it to the correct oil recycling sites. Unused or wasted oil should never be poured down the drain as it can damage drainage systems and leave you with hefty fines! We want to lead the way in sustainable and local economies.

At Fry Fresh we take care of your oil recycling needs and use them for the greater good! Your oil waste can be recycled and used for a number of things including renewable energy and green technologies.

Oil Recycling

Taking care of your used cooking oils

The law requires food industries to ensure they’re responsible for their oil waste.  After we’ve collected your used cooking oil, it will be taken back to our warehouse where our team will drain and separate the waste food from the oil.  This is then sent for oil recycling.

Plastic Recycling

Reducing our environmental impact by recycling plastic 

Plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose! Our oil containers are made from recycled plastics and we’ll collect your used oil containers, crush them in-house  and send them off to a local recycling plant.

Wood Recycling

Waste wood managed responsibly

We’re passionate about reusing everything in our business including pallets. Pallets will be graded on their condition. The ones in good condition will be reused and the pallets in bad condition will be recycled and used in other products.

Cardboard Recycling

Less waste with cardboard recycling 

The humble cardboard box is used in packaging throughout the world. We prefer to use recycled cardboard packaging as it saves money and helps with a greener future. That’s why we recycle all cardboard materials. The cardboard is stripped and boiled in-house and then sent off for recycling.