Nutty, light and non greasy is how we'd describe this popular cooking oil. Recommended for those on alternative diets, ideal for hot temperatures and it comes with a range of health benefits.

65% of cooking oil we sell at Fry Fresh is Rapeseed and it’s one of our favourites:
  • GM free
  • Safe to cook in high temperatures
  • Suitable for a variety of health conscious diets
  • Great source of Vitamin E
  • High in Omega 3 & 6
  • Lowest saturated fat content than any other cooking oil;
  • No artificial preservatives or transfats.
Good or bad contentRapeseed OilOlive Oil / Vegitable Oil
Saturated Fat7%14%
Smoke Point230c180c
Genetically ModifiedDefinitely NotMaybe

A classic cooking oil, and our second biggest seller. Equipped with Omega 3 and 6, vegetable cooking oil is known to contribute to a healthy way of living.

Our second popular cooking oil:
  • Rich in linoleic acid
  • Helps to lower the risk of heart disease
  • Easier to digest
  • Helps the body to preserve important vitamins
  • Low in but still contains Omega 3 & 6
  • Potentially GM.
INGREDIENTS Pure refined and deoderised Vegetable Oil Ideal for shallow frying, baking, salads and mayonnaise
Nutritional Information Typical Values Per 100G (3.5 fl.oz)
Energy960 Kcal, 3700Kj
ProteinLess than 0.1g
CarbohydrateOf which Sugars0.0g0.0g
FatOf which saturatesMono-unsaturatesPolysaturates100g43g38g
SodiumLess than 0.1g
Recommended frying temp191 C (371 F)
Smoke Point215 C - 226 C(430 F - 440 F)
Flash Point324 C (615 F)
Store in a cool , dry place away from direct sunlight
Hot oil must not be poured back into container

Cooking Oil delivery locations

Our fleet of purpose fitted vehicles operate cooking oil deliveries across the UK.

  • Cooking oil deliveries Wales
  • Cooking oil deliveries West Midlands
  • Cooking oil deliveries East Midlands
  • Cooking oil deliveries North West
  • Cooking oil deliveries Yorkshire and the Humber

Labelled one of the fastest growing supplier of cooking oils in the UK and known for our social conscience with local charitable directives. Every new cooking oil delivery we carry out takes us that extra step towards our commitment to a greener future.

Quality through production control

Quality has been defined as fitness for use, conformance to requirements and the pursuit of excellence. This means that in order to consistently provide excellent service and a product that is above and beyond fit for purpose, we take great pride in ensuring that all our processes are continually monitored through an ISO 9001 audited checklist.

From the moment your product enters our warehouse, through its lifetime on your premises and to its eventual end point in one of our approved recycling facilities our team ensure that each step of the process is taken through a rigorous quality check. If at any point our product or service appears defective or below standard, we know exactly how and why and how to use this information in our research to improve not only the system itself, but to hold those accountable.

We only source from ethical and sustainable suppliers.

Our goal as a company is to become a 0% waste to landfill supplier.
This philosophy starts at our suppliers. By closely monitoring the actions of major suppliers in the industry we can ensure that our own values of sustainability and greener industrial operation are filtered down through us and passed onto our clients.

It is clear that the future of our economy lies in greener technologies. At Fry Fresh, we intend to lead by example, to encourage investment into greener technologies and to ensure that these principles can be taken on to improve economic growth and prosperity.

Our customer feedback

Mark - Catering Manager

We have been using Fry Fresh for our Cooking Oil Deliveries for nearly 2 years and they have helped us to engage in a more environmentally friendly approach to how we recycle our waste.

Hilton - Waste Management

It is imperitive that our company ensure that our Cooking Oil Deliveries will be handled properly by an ethical supplier. We buy and return our oils from Fry Fresh and know its disposal is in good hands.

Meredith - Technical Director

Our monthly audits ensure our own practices operate within our quality management systems. Fry Fresh play a significant part in safe waste management. They take care of each and every stage from delivery to collection.

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